[OOC] On other Shinkengers using the Inroumaru or Kyouryuu Disc
Super Shinken Red
In Shinkenger, there is of course only one Inroumaru to activate one Super Mode per member at a time, and one Kyouryuu Disc for the same thing regarding Hyper Mode. And, yes, both are in possession of Takeru (or Kaoru, for a few episodes). Here in Dive, Takeru has entered the Digital World with both items.

In order to make things easier for any current or potential future Shinkenger members in the game, I figured I'd make note of a possible way to handle this...

Within reason, if your Shinkenger is somewhere separate from Takeru and needs use of either the device (which includes usage of the Mougyuu Bazooka) or the disc, you can feel free to have it NPC'ed that Takeru sends them either item through the D-Comm or D-Reader. If they're in the same place, then, well, obviously he can just toss it to you, which I'll gladly do myself when asked. :p

This is of course barring any plot reasons why this may be rendered impossible. Such as, for instance, if Takeru and Coronamon were both rendered unable to act or trapped in some manner where they couldn't pass the devices onto someone else. Or, if Takeru (or another Shinkenger) is in use of one of the devices at the exact same time.

The only thing I ask is that I'm shot an AIM message @ Infinity Greymon to tell me it's going on. ^_^

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Takeru - WTF
...I feel as if I haven't moved in a week.

...Tono-sama? I do believe that may be because we have NOT.

...come again?

Check the date.

...I see. That's ... disconcerting.

[locked from hostiles]
Takeru - Serious
Hello. My name is Shiba Takeru. Who I am in my world is largely unimportant here, besides the fact that I am Shinken Red, leader of the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Presently, this consists of myself, Shiraishi Mako, Ikenami Ryuunosuke, and our partners.

There were so many things going on before, and Tetha with Ravemon leading it was so much the greater threat, I was afraid this warning may have been lost in the shuffle otherwise. I have, luckily, not noticed any movement from this individual in the meantime, but...

There is a being that has come here from our reality called "Akumaro." He is a "Geddoushu," a creature born of a place called the Sanzu River. In basic terms, he could be considered a demon, and he is a powerful one. While I can't speak to the potency of his power NOW, I wouldn't discount it, either.

He is a creature that feeds on the pain and sorrow of humanity. He is also VERY good at drawing this out. If you are to cross him, do not simply assume your knowledge of these facts are enough to safeguard you.

If you DO cross him, please contact us. We thought him destroyed, but this world has given him a new lease on life. Its the responsibility of the Shinkengers to destroy the threat of the Geddoushu, and I fully intend to see that to its end here, as well.

[locked to Shinkengers]
Takeru - Determined
We have a problem.

We'll certainly need to brief others on it, but... it would seem Akumaro is most definitely here.

...which, on top of everything else going on, is probably the worst news we could get right now.

[locked to Shiraishi Mako] [dated March 6th]
Takeru - Contemplating

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Takeru - Distant

[ooc - Just making an indication of him getting a timeskip. Carry along. :D;; ]

Act 2
Takeru - Shoudouphone!
A few days ago, while traveling through Asuka, I was attacked by someone claiming to be a "Demon Dragon King," called Gaav.

It was a pointless, useless battle, but he... oddly just let it go when I expressed disinterest in continuing it.

...I'm not really certain what to make of all that.

Besides that, I have had encounters with alternate realities before, with beings called Kamen Riders that once came into my reality. So encountering these things isn't so much unexepcted...

...but I'm doing little more than wandering now, and am no closer to doing anything that's necessary. I require a direction, and a means to fight what must be fought in this place.

Act 1
Takeru - Contemplating
Greetings. My name is Shiba Takeru, and I am just-

Tono-sama, you are much too modest!

Shishi, quiet down, I'm trying to-

You should be PROUD of your heritage! PROCLAIM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

I am NOT about to...

But you are ShinkenRed! The last in a long line of proud warriors, theonly force that can vanquish the threat of the dread Gedoushuu once and for a-MMMPH!

...as I was saying. My name is Shiba Takeru, and I just need some assistance. Explanations of where I am would be a good place to start. And how to get BACK if it's a possibility... I can't exactly afford to be gone from where I came from for long...

[ooc - Normal text = Takeru; italics = Shishi Origami/Coronamon.
"Tono-sama" is a respectful term used towards a Lord, in this case Takeru.]


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